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The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist
“When I read a book, it transforms me and gives me wings to fly. When I read a book, I imagine myself talking to the characters. When I read a book, I travel and hide because my expression is weird. When I read a book, it feels very realistic to the point that I get into a fantasy world even with my eyes wide open.” The chills and thrills that you get while reading a
What Are The Best Short Story Books of All Time
Short stories have their own aura and by an aura, I mean a particular style that carries throughout the story. For instance, it is a short story which doesn’t really take pages and pages to write. The word count of a short story is usually between 3000 to 10,000 and not more than that otherwise it will be counted under the category of a novella. A short story is a kind of a prose fiction
Top Four Best Novel Books To Read
Books! What are books? I think books are an exemplar and a perfect amalgamation of imagination and creativity. By amalgamation, I don’t mean it as a blend of creativity and imagination that takes a high road in showing what story the author or a poet was thinking at the time they wrote it. By amalgamation I mean, taking you to a place that was created in their head or was visited by them when they
Top 5 Best Modern Books Of All Time
Classics are forever classics, they have their own special places in the library and schools. Ask about any classic writer and you will be bombarded with lists of the famous authors of all time. But, do you ever gave a thought on how and what kind of reaction they would have gotten at their time in the society? Or whether they would have become such great authors or whether their book would have gotten such
What Are Some of The Best Books To Read In Leisure Hours
One of the things that I love about books is its ability to make you travel the world without any expenses. It’s the book that never really asks you questions or befriends you whenever you need them, instead, it’s a book that is there for you even in the midnight blues and early mornings. Midday lunches and late evenings. From Jane Austen’s amazing masterpieces to F. Scott Fitzgerald iconic stories, and famous authors of all