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“When I read a book, it transforms me and gives me wings to fly.

When I read a book, I imagine myself talking to the characters.

When I read a book, I travel and hide because my expression is weird.

When I read a book, it feels very realistic to the point that I get into a fantasy world even with my eyes wide open.”

The chills and thrills that you get while reading a fictional or a nonfiction novel are beyond any explanation. It is like you are reading, but you are a part of them. You are there to support and empathise. You are there for every aspect and every chapter.

The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist
The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist

In a novel, every chapter gives a fresh and new element to the story. Sometimes good, sometimes bad but when they tell a story, you feel it. This feeling is what makes them a good novelist because they have the power of making you fantasize.

For becoming a Novelist, you need discipline, imagination and proper planning skills. You can’t just write anything that comes to your mind. Everything needs proper planning and that is why here is a guide on how to become a Novelist for every aspiring novelist. In this guide, you will find proper steps to help you with the process of writing. Feel free to jot down these points in order to help you become a successful Novelist.

Find A Story That Relates To You:

Yes! Finding a story is the most important part of any writer. You need to know about the story in order to write it well. Whether you are going for fiction or nonfiction, one thing that needs to be done at first is to think about the story and the ending. If it is non-fictional make sure you know the starting and end of it, in order to plan. If it is fictional, then make a point of knowing everything from start to bottom.

Also, find a story that relates to you better. Something that needs to be told and something that has an important aspect of your life. For example, surviving the internet apocalypse(fiction) or working in a top magazine(non-fiction). Basically, something that talks to you and that you can feel it. Something that is vital and important to you. Write it when you feel you can read it countless times. Make your books important to you. If it is important to you then only readers will feel like reading it.

The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist
The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist

Build Your Character:

One of the greatest things about writing a novel is building the character according to yourself. Every character that you build or talk about needs to have a certain part of yourself in it. In other words, every character that you introduce should be a facet of yourself. For instance, showing the emotions or role that you would portray in reality or would want to portray in reality. You need to be transparent with the characters and in no way should fake it.

Character building is really an art and for better understanding try to read some of the classic plays of all time. Not just novels but read plays, so that you get an idea of how a character interacts and shows emotion.

When you create a fictional character and put it into invented events, you become an actor and play roles that you choose. You can be funny, loveable, romantic, sarcastic, anything that you would want to in real life. In fact, you also get to play the villain and the hero which is quite interesting.

Ignore The Rules:

If you want to start your story with a flashback, do it! If you want to start with a flash-forward and flashback, do it! There shouldn’t be any rules for making you feel that you are not capable enough to write a book.

Everyone has some advice to give. Listen to it but don’t stick to it. If you think you can build a character with wings, make it happen. If you think you can start your story with the most crucial event to make your readers interested then make it happen. Don’t just stick to what others say. If you feel you are right, then do it without any regret cause I think the best work comes when we feel it. But make sure, you follow my rules since it is based on how to become a Novelist and not how to write like a Novelist!

The First Chapter Should Draw Attention:

A first impression is the last impression even for books. If you aren’t self-publishing then your first impression is really important in order to release the book. Most likely, you would want to publish your books from the traditional publishing house. In order to gain their attention, you need to get in touch with a literary agent first and in order to get a literary agent, you need to impress the agent’s assistant.

Yeah! That is indeed tough work after writing a whole damn book! But, if you want it, you need to get it and that is possible only through the first chapter or first 15 pages of the whole book. Yes! It is painful to judge a book through just the 15 pages but what can we do, they have a lot of books on hand which they need to publish. So, if you can do it then make sure you make your first chapter the utmost priority. But, don’t spend all your time making the first chapter perfect. Apply an 80/20 rule in your writing. Here are some tips on making it perfect without having to spend more time on it.

Use Active language

Use different words (Synonyms are much better)

Get straight to the point

Whenever you get down to writing the first chapter, remember one thing and that is to write, in order to make it fit and not for making it seem interesting. Your goal should be making your beginning fit with your big idea. The transition should be smooth. It should connect the start, middle and end wisely.

Let’s Go Old Fashion:

There is no way a writer will say “No” to the old-fashioned pen and notes. In fact, this is the fastest way to complete a book. It minimizes any kinds of distraction that normally happens when we use google docs or word. Write everything using a pen on a piece of paper. Make sure whenever you finish it, you transfer it on your computer. This way you can re-edit and your files will never lose.

Don’t ever think of writing down the whole book and then typing it on the computer. That is a big-time headache plus you might as well lose some of the pages. This is coming from an experienced personality because I have lost my whole “I don’t know how many pages of a book” way back when I was in my 8th grade. I started writing in my 7th grade till 8th and then I somehow lost everything. I still regret it as I can’t read what I wrote way back in my school days. All I know is the main protagonist named Shack and the title being about detectives.

That is why, whenever you write, don’t forget to type it down on your computer. Plus, you can always put your handwritten notes in your novel once the book is approved by the publisher. The raw and scratched out elements really shows the true potential and the process of how you wrote it when you were fantasising it. A book is really not that simple but it isn’t that difficult. All you really need is talent, patience, idea and love for writing what you imagine.

Don’t Even Try Finishing Your Book In One Sitting:

The first rule to becoming a Novelist is being consistent with your work. By no means, you should sit and write down a whole novel in just one sitting. Unless you are writing a short story which by the way is one of my favourite pastimes. If you want to gain knowledge of some of the greatest short story then check out the “what are the best short storybooks of all time” article.

Now, coming back to why you shouldn’t do it in one sitting. First of all, it isn’t possible and secondly, you might lose your interest. Plus, if the writer only doesn’t have that kind of interest then why would any readers want to read it, right?

Hence, what to do? How to write? How many words to write? When can I finish the novel?

The answer to all these questions is to keep a track of your word count. You can do 1000-1500 words per day and if you feel that’s way more, then you can even go for less such as 300-500 words. An average book has 250 words per page so it totally depends on how you would like to finish your novel. Also, please don’t write it for the sake of writing it and getting it done. When you feel motivated, you write. Skip a day when you are very less motivated.

My mornings are very productive. I think I can write much better when I wake up and have my cup of coffee. If you think evenings or nights are better for you then go ahead with that. Your goal should be to write effectively and creatively.

Edit The Book:

Editing is somewhat boring and makes you feel the same about your writing. The excitement and enthusiasm that we have while writing, usually gets criticized by us while reading it. The first few pages just seem like a boring chapter. Because you have written so much, that you feel it isn’t right or making an impact. However, it just happens because we fail to express our thoughts in the same way we imagined in our head. Sometimes, when I write up a quote and then when I reread it after completing the whole article, it sounds weird to a point that I actually feel like removing it or editing it. The feeling that you get is what will make you better.

The criticizing factor that you give, is what makes your editing better. If it requires you to cut some parts of your dearest elements, do it! As much as it is hard to remove it, it is what will make you better in creating a good story. This is how to become a Novelist so when it requires you to edit that way, do it!

After you are done with editing, share it with your friends and other readers. As much as you think, you are good with editing, make sure you are completely good at it. Take feedbacks and in fact, constructive criticism. Keep your ego aside and let in the negative feedback. You might be surprised by some of the parts that you thought were good or comical being sarcastic and annoying to these readers.

The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist
The Amazing Guide On How To Become A Novelist

Publish It & Accept It:

After everything is done, send your book to a traditional publishing office. If they liked it and going ahead with the publishing work, your work is done! After getting published, what one thing you need to understand is not everyone is going to like your work. You simply can’t please each and every individual on this planet.

But, if you’re able to please even one percent of the audience, your work will be done in becoming a Novelist. The journey is hard but its really worth it. If even one percent of your dream is to become a Novelist or write a short story then go ahead with your dream or at least try it. Who knows, you might end up becoming one of the greatest novelists of all time and who knows your novel will gain popularity in the category of top four best novel books to read!

Everything needs inspiration and a little patience. Once you have achieved, you are bound to become a good time Novelist.

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