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Classics are forever classics, they have their own special places in the library and schools. Ask about any classic writer and you will be bombarded with lists of the famous authors of all time. But, do you ever gave a thought on how and what kind of reaction they would have gotten at their time in the society? Or whether they would have become such great authors or whether their book would have gotten such high recognition?

Pretty sure, you wouldn’t know because usually, the latest releases often gets sidetracked. It does get recognition but within a limited group and outside that limited group typically most people have no idea about. So, in order to help you recognize some of the modern writers of this time, here is a list of the top 5 best modern books of all time. Feel free to read it in your leisure hours and get a little taste of how modern-day writers write their stories.


Alchemist is certainly one of the top 5 best modern books of all time. This book has everything a person needs to understand about life. It is a modern classic written by Paulo Coelho, universally admired for its style of writing and an amazing plotline. The original publication of the book happened in the year 1988 that later on got translated into English in the year 1993. This book is a story of the Andalusian shepherd boy who craves to travel in search of the sophisticated treasure that no one has ever found before. So, if you want to know what happens in the book then get yourself this amazing book and read it whenever you feel like.


Dan Brown’s Inferno is the second most top 5 best modern books that might become a classic. Released in 2013, this book is the fourth book in his Robert Langdon series. In just first eleven weeks of the book’s release, this book hit the spot of the number-one New York Times Best Seller for Combined Print & E-book fiction and the hardcover fiction. This book’s storyline is intense and is sure to make every reader hooked up to their books in just a few minutes of reading.

Never Let Me Go:

Never Let Me Go is a dystopian science fiction novel by a British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. This book will surely make any reader emotional by its great storyline. This book hits the spot of the 3rd position in the top 5 best modern books of all time because of its writing about speculative fiction and the worth of the human body and the ways we commodify them. Not only that, but this book has also received a noble price in literature which should clear all your thoughts about how great of a modern book this would be. Read this book while you have your next coffee break in the office or at the comfort of your home.

The Savage Detectives:

The Savage Detectives is the fourth most top 5 best modern books of all time. Written by
Roberto Bolaño, this book is a story of the search for the 1920s Mexican poet, Cesárea Tinajero, and the two 1970s poet, the Chilean Arturo Belano and the Mexican Ulises Lima. This book offers a great storyline which will be good for you when you read it while sipping your favourite cup of coffee or tea.

All About Love: New Visions:

All About Love: New Visions has to be one of the top 5 best modern books of all time. Written by Gloria Jean Watkins, this book discusses the aspects of love in this modern-day society. The aspects of love in this book are veneration, affection, recognition, trust, commitment, open, care and honest communication rather than the stereotypical usual way of customs like gender discrimination, control, ego, aggression and domination. This book will definitely be a good read the next time you sip your favourite coffee or tea.

Therefore, now that you know what are the top 5 best modern books of all time, then go ahead and get any one of these or all five of them the next time you buy books for reading. Also, with these modern books if you would like to know some of the all-time best books then head over to the best books to read article.


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