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Short stories have their own aura and by an aura, I mean a particular style that carries throughout the story. For instance, it is a short story which doesn’t really take pages and pages to write. The word count of a short story is usually between 3000 to 10,000 and not more than that otherwise it will be counted under the category of a novella.

A short story is a kind of a prose fiction that usually takes one sitting to read. If you’re a person who loves reading then it takes one sitting otherwise it will take time. All in all, a short story has few characters which aim at the unity of effect and the concentration of creating a mood while you read rather than the plot of the story.

Therefore, if you’re ready and want to know what are the best short story books of all time then read on to find out.

The Gift of the Magi:

“The gift of the Magi” is a stunning piece of short story that everyone should read in order to understand what true love really means and how true love can be portrayed. This short story was written by O.Henry and got released in 1905. The story has a very beautiful sort of a plotline which tells about a young husband and wife and the circumstances of them buying secret Christmas gifts with a little amount of money. The plot has a funny twist at the ending which will definitely be a good read for people who loves reading comic-irony in a story.

A Good Man is Hard to Find:

“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” is a beautiful short story written by Flannery O’Connor in the year 1953. This is a story that comes in the collection of short stories with the same name. This story is one of the writer’s well-known works. If it’s well-known then nothing could beat the power of how good the storyline will be for a person who loves reading short stories.

A Perfect Day for Bananafish:

A Perfect Day for Bananafish was written by J.D. Salinger that was published in the year 1948. This short story’s plotline explores the themes of innocence, spirituality and youth. The people of the “New Yorker” was so impressed by this masterpiece that they published it immediately and not only that but they also signed a right of first refusal for any of the other Salinger’s stories.

Therefore, now that you know what are the best short story books of all time then go ahead and get one of these amazing short storybooks. With these short stories of all time, if you would like to know some of the best novel books to read and famous authors of all time then head over to the next article.


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